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An estimated 93% of families with young children cannot afford center-based care in New York City. Read our brief on the unaffordable cost of child care and explore our data on child care affordability. 
View early childcare sites across NYC with Map Community Resources
500,000 households have no internet access when it is more important than ever before as our brief on NYC's digital divide reveals. Check out hundreds of other facts on NYC families and children with Explore Data
A New Well-being Index for New York State: Ranking Risks Across 62 Counties

A first-of-its-kind analysis of the barriers to well-being children and families face in each county of New York State, this analysis leverages the most recent data available for all indicators at the county level to provide context of troubling risk factors that existed prior to the pandemic. The report examines county-level data across six domains of well-being and reveals that far too many children across New York State experience poverty, housing insecurity, health risks, educational opportunity gaps, and other conditions that challenge their right to thrive and live healthy productive lives. 

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