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An estimated 93% of families with young children cannot afford center-based care in New York City. Read our brief on the unaffordable cost of child care and explore our data on child care affordability. 
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60% of families in the NY Metro Area report a loss of income since March 2020. Learn more findings from the Household Pulse Survey at our upcoming webinar on November 9th.

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Child & Family Well-Being in NYC: Ranking Risks and Understanding COVID-19 Impacts Across 59 Community Districts

Every year, CCC analyzes publicly available data to identify community districts across New York City where children and families face greater barriers to their well-being. By measuring where risk factors cluster, CCC’s Child and Family Well-being Index is designed to draw attention to where barriers to child and family well-being must be addressed in specific communities, in each borough and citywide.  

In this year’s index, we examine this information alongside data that measure the impact of the pandemic across multiple domains (i.e. economic, housing, health, education, youth, and family and community). In doing so, the report offers a first-of-its-kind analysis of the barriers to well-being children and families face today, as they continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.   


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