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Community District Detailed Data

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The latest edition of CCC's annual index, "Child and Family Well-being in New York City," is featured in the 2022 data book Keeping Track of New York City's Children.

The index combines data from across multiple dimensions of child well-being – economic security, health, housing, education, issues specific to teens and youths, and family and community – to provide a better understanding of where risks to child well-being concentrate across New York City’s 59 community districts. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, CCC’s well-being index offers a starting point for identifying the conditions and inequalities across communities that have since been exposed by the disparate effects of the public health crisis.

The results from CCC’s 2019 overall index are mapped and analyzed in a chapter of the data book, alongside an overview of the resources available in each Community District. Taken together, this analysis furthers public understanding of where risks to well-being persist and how community-based resources can be invested in promote the healthy and sustainable development of all children, families, and communities.

Click here to access the Child and Family Well-being Index content of the data book

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