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The report, "Child & Family Well-Being in New York City Ranking Risks and Understanding COVID-19 Impacts Across 59 Community Districts", is the latest edition of CCC's annual well-being index.

The index combines data from across multiple dimensions of child well-being – economic security, health, housing, education, issues specific to teens and youths, and family and community – to provide a better understanding of where risks to child well-being concentrate across New York City’s 59 community districts. When public data like the indicators in this report are regularly monitored, they can serve as guideposts along a path toward a more equitable future. 

In this year's edition, we examine the results of our annual index, which relies on data from before the pandemic, alongside data collected during the pandemic. The report outlines how and why the pandemic has disproportionately devastated communities of color, noting higher rates of child poverty, overcrowded housing, and lack of access to health care, and includes a policy roadmap to uproot long-standing inequalities and help families recover from the devastation of COVID-19. 

Together, the results of this analysis and policy recommendations should inform current discussions, such as how recent federal stimulus is utilized, as well as long term efforts to advance a more equitable recovery from the pandemic and future for all New York City’s children, families, and communities.

Download CCC’s Child and Family Well-Being in New York City Report

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